Blind Dog Gives Owner Insight

LambchopMany years ago,  I visited a shelter to find a dog.  As I went from cage-to-cage, I saw many friendly ones and some shy ones, but the one that stood out most to me was a little poodle mix who was elderly and blind.  I felt that no one would want him, so he was the one for me.  The shelter, very kindly described me as a “saint” and decided that they should waive the adoption fee.  They were nice.  Looking back, it is interesting that they used the word “saint’ but they should have used it to describe the dog because he taught me many life lessons. That tiny, old dog had a spirit and a will larger than life.   I decided to call him “Lamb Chop” after Shari Lewis’s puppet.     “Undaunted” would be a great word to describe his spirit.  Though he couldn’t see and was up in years, he never let that stop him.  I really should have called him “Mr. Magoo” because, like the cartoon character, his lack of sight had him involved in a ton of near misses and dilemmas.   Like the time he managed to find a hole in the fence and wandered out into the street .  Just about the time he hit the middle of the road a pickup truck was headed right for him.  My son swooped in and snatched him up.   Even after we thought we had the fence fixed, he still got out once and wound up at the dog pound.  I had to bail him out.  Occasionally, he would fall off the front porch and once, he almost got clobbered by a large can when I was fixing dinner, when it fell off the counter and landed right next to him.  The worst calamity he got himself into, however happened after a generous rainfall.  My son and I were out in the yard and I couldn’t find him anywhere.  We searched until I spied the top of his head slightly protruding from a batch of quick sand like sand at the side of my house.  I was horrified.  I called for my son to bring the hose and I pulled him slowly out of the muck and mire and my son washed him off.  Thankfully, he was ok. He never seemed ruffled by his mishaps.  He just got right back up and did what he wanted to do.    We actually had him a few years, though the vet at the shelter didn’t  think he would last more than a few months.  Right up until the end, he lived his life and just kept going.


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