A51B6637Four-time titleholder vies for first international crown at “Ms. Tourism Sri Lanka International”

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (Jan. 25, 2016) – Essential Entertainment has announced the United States delegate for “Ms. Tourism Sri Lanka International 2016”. Elizabeth J. Cron will be traveling with 19 additional delegates to Sri Lanka in February to tour the country, participate in charity functions and ultimately compete for the coveted crown.

“This opportunity is the combination of my two favorite things,” said travel lover and beauty queen Elizabeth J. Cron. “I am honored to travel while representing the United States of America and I love competing in pageants,” said Cron.

This is the first pageant of its kind in Sri Lanka. According to the official website, the pageant’s mission is Taking Sri Lanka to the World by promoting tourism, culture, peace, and goodwill among nations.

“Every pageant is different and every organization has its own focus,” explained Cron. “I am excited to experience Sri Lankan culture and I strongly support the message this pageant sends.”

A51B7032Cron’s brief but explosive career in pageantry has launched her onto the international circuit within just two years. Her pageant debut was in 2014 representing Downtown Los Angeles at Miss California USA. She immediately aged out of the Miss USA organization, but soon discovered an array of Ms. pageants giving women older than 26 years of age a platform to work with non-profit organizations and compete in local, regional, national and international pageants.

“Very soon after I began competing in pageants I knew I found a home. I also knew I wasn’t the typical woman you would think to see on a beauty pageant stage,” said Cron. “I like to think of myself as a ‘compact giant’. I rock the pixie cut! I don’t have long hair and I’m not what you’d call tall, but that’s not what makes a person beautiful anyway. Confidence, grace, intelligence and a willingness to smile at every person you pass; now that’s beautiful! If you agree, #redefiningbeauty.”

In 2015, Cron claimed the crown in three pageants giving her the current titles: Miss US Woman of Achievement 2016, Ms. North Hollywood 2015, and Princess of the Pacific 2015. Her work with the W.I.N. Foundation has also earned her the title Ms. Western States Globe, two years in a row: 2015 and 2016.

“I’m doing this to promote love and understanding around the world. I couldn’t think of a better way to exchange culture. As the ambassador for the USA I am honored to share our customs, all while experiencing the beauty of Sri Lanka and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.”


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