Acupuncture and You: Spring Showers Bring May Headaches? By Heather Shoup, L.Ac.

Heather ShoupTreating migraine and headaches with acupuncture.

Spring is officially here. The weather is finally changing, the trees are blossoming, and the temperatures are rising. All these wonderful changes that we have been waiting for can come with a price for some. For many this is a flare up of migraine and headaches.

The body is a very sensitive thing.  Due to its composition, our bodies are easily affected by seasonal changes. The spring is a beautiful season. Everything comes to life. In this part of the world we see a lot of fronts moving in giving us the April showers that will cause the May flowers to blossom. The increase in the fronts that move in affect the delicate balances of he body I,particular the vessels and brain giving rise to migraines.  A lot of migraine suffers will report a flare up this time of year due to the weather.

As the flowers bloom and the grasses grow, so do seasonal allergies come into play. This can give people sinus headaches or induce a migraine. Inflammation that builds in the mucus membranes along with the over production of mucus can cause these.

Temperatures begin to increase. This is often swift as today as I write this it is 82 degrees out!  The higher temperatures and the swift growing between temperatures often with induce migraines or headaches as well.

Tension headaches also increase with he increase in outside yard work. We ask our bodies to work long hard hours planting, weeding, painting, and fixing things outside, often putting strain on muscles hat are not used to this activity. The more strain on the muscles of the upper back and neck the more likely we are to develop tension headaches.

Acupuncture is a modality that can treat your headache no matter the type or the cause. Generally it will take a few treatments in the beginning, I usually do 4, then may be one a season for maintenance. Treatments usually begin with an assessment of the cause of the, or grain or headache along with the patients overall health. For most headache and migraine patient they will notice some improvements after the first treatment, with continued improvement over the course of treatment. Generally once the patient is stable we can move to a maintenance plan.

We should all be able to enjoy spring and that should be a headache free spring.