Acupuncture and You: Falling into seasonal allergies, By Heather Shoup, M.S., L.Ac.

Heather ShoupAs the summer comes to an end and the beginning of fall approaches, the temperatures cool down  the humidity lifts, and yes here comes allergy season. Golden rod and ragweed come into bloom late summer. Just as their season comes to an end we see a spike in molds, giving us an extended high allergy season for the late summer and early fall.

Late summer/early fall is a beautiful time of year. Temperatures are milder, the leaves are just starting to change color, and the humidity starts to decrease. For allergy suffers it makes this time of year a not so beautiful one.  The pick up of the wind for the season carries pollen for miles.  This can cause sinus congestion, runny nose, sneezing, red and watery eyes, itching, as well as sleep disturbances. There are plenty of over the counter medications that we have available to us to help ease the suffering from allergies. Sometime these medications work wonderfully, sometimes they do not.  Some people do not want to take medication. The good news is acupuncture can help alleviate allergy symptoms!

Allergens cause an inflammatory reaction in the body.  Seasonal allergies typically cause inflammation to develop around the mucous membranes as a reaction to the body trying to keep the allergen out.  Acupuncture helps seasonal allergies by decreasing inflammation in the mucous membranes, supporting the body’s immune system, encouraging healing and rest.  Typically weekly acupuncture will be recommended for a 2-4 week duration during high allergy seasons.  Most people will notice significant relief.  To avoid getting caught in the middle of a season prepare by booking 1-3 treatments a month prior to the season so your body is better equipped to handle the season.

You don’t have to suffer through another allergy season.  Acupuncture can help.

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