Acupuncture and You: Change of Life:Menopause and How Acupuncture Can Help By Heather Shoup, M.S., L.Ac.

Heather ShoupI am proud to be a woman!  It however has its moments when it is not so fun.  We go through cycles with our hormones causing mood changes, fatigue, and discomfort. We get used to these cycles and learn how to manage them. Then before we know it yet ANOTHER change happens and our body is not the same.

It is an inevitability of all women, that we will go through “the change”. For some women this will be a natural progression, and others will be forced into it through other health conditions. No matter how or when we get there Menopause will come with its challenges. It is often a time of grief for many women. Not only is the change in hormones affecting our mood, but it signifies a significant milestone in our life. It is the end of our child bearing years, can this alone can affect our mood. Along with the mood aspect, physical challenges arise as well.  We have to deal with hot flashes, restlessness, drying out of tissues, and changes in our skin. We become susceptible to injury to our muscles because of the drying out of our tissues.  This affects our muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

It is important to know we are not alone, we will all go through it. We have a lot of support from fellow females to get through it. Acupuncture is also a means of supporting us and helping us through it.

Acupuncture works with helping balance out the bodies systems and hormones to help mitigate the symptoms of menopause. When symptoms are at a height, treatment may need to be weekly for four to six weeks to help get them under control. Most patients report a significant decrease in frequency and severity of hot  flashes, as well as an increase in energy and improvement in mood.  It is very helpful to treat musculoskeletal pains and injuries. Most patients will need or want regular treatment just to help manage symptoms after their initial treatment regimen.  This can be once a month to once every three months.

Menopause does not have to be as frightening or as difficult as we think.


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