It’s All About The Music!!!


By: Mary Pierce

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” ~ Angela Monet

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary Pierce and I have always danced to the music that I hear in my head. Yes, I get lots of weird looks but it’s A/OK. I love to dance and it is not uncommon to see me out and about doing just that. I wear many hats in local live entertainment and that uniquely qualifies me to share cool music related stuff with you. I have a conversational style of writing but will toss in some AP style every now and then, just so that my friend Paul can see that I am paying attention.

Over that last few months I have reviewed, interviewed, or worked with some really great local legends including: Lou Franco, James Supra, Jake Kaligis, Connie Edinger, Tommy Zito, and national favorites like Ryan Cabrera, Poppa Chubby, Ana Popovic, Seth Glier, Paul Barrere, Debbie Davies, Edwin McCain and so many more. I am very excited about sharing my experience with you.

I would like to thank Andrea for inviting me to be a part of the Lehigh Valley Women’s Journal family of writers. Each month I will be introducing our readers to some of the Valley’s most amazing talent. Although my column will feature both male and female artists, whenever possible, I will place special emphasis on the remarkable achievements of Women in Entertainment both locally and nationally.

Alison Krauss photo courtesy of

Alison Krauss is bluegrass-country singer, songwriter and fiddler. She has long history in the music business that started when she was very young. She performed at Musikfest this year with Union Station a band that she has been with since she was 18 years old. If your a bluegrass fan Alison Krauss is a musical staple and this show was great!


Christine Ohlman photo courtesy of


Christine is the bee hive Queen of Rock-n-Blues and she torched Musikfest stage at Levitt Paviallion. She is also the current and long standing vocalist for the Saturday Night Live band. Ohlman teases her blonde hair into a beehive in honor of Ronnie Spector and plays some scorching blues. “I’ve come here tonight to set your souls on fire,” she’ll tell an audience. And she will.


Ed Kowalczyk photo courtesy of

Ed is a native of York Pennsylvania and the former lead singer of the popular band LIVE. Kowalczyk is touring with his band promoting his debut solo album, “Alive”, that was released last year. The show was held at the new Musikfest Cafe.

Groovitude photo courtesy of

Groovitude was VOTED BEST TEEN BAND IN THE 2010 LEHIGH VALLEY MUSIC AWARDS and they worked tirelessly this summer supporting many charitable events. Check them out at Grumpy’s Bar-B-Que Roadhouse on October 15th at 9:30.



Miranda Cosgrove photo courtesy of

Miranda Cosgrove is best known for her leading role on the Nickelodeon show iCarly. She is also an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter as well. Sadly her Dancing Crazy Summer tour was cut short when she was injured in an accident involving her tour bus while traveling through Illinois.



Recke Family photo courtesy of

Adam Recke is a young man from the Lehigh Valley that has been diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, commonly referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer’s”. It is an extremely rare disease for which there is no cure. He was diagnosed when he was 7 and he is now 12. Without and effective treatment or a cure the disease will prevail and his current life expectancy is 17.
Adam has an army of Lehigh Valley residents that rally around him, that have enlisted as soldiers that hold Adam and his family up, to support them and help them care for Adam and to raise awareness and much needed funds. I am proud to be a soldier in that Army.
The troops are rallied every year by Casey Stangle, of W. Casey Stangle Trucking company, to participate in a poker ride and family picnic called THE RIDE FOR ADAM. This year there were well over 1000 bikers, 6 bands and hundreds of other sponsors, volunteers and spectators that participated in the event.
Adam Recke is such a special 12 year old; he plays video games, he plays sports, he adores Philadelphia teams and he loves his family very much. He awakes every day smiling, and his parents look at him adoringly, and with hope. They hope because every day of Adam’s life is precious.

Race for Adam Team photo courtesy of

Adam has been invited to be a special guest at this years Lehigh Valley Music Awards (LVMA) ceremony to be held at Musikfest cafe on December 5th. The LVMA is partnering with the organizers of the Ride for Adam to raise awareness and funds for research that will be directed to the Race for Adam Foundation a local non profit that is dedicated to funding research projects to find a treatment and cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease (NP-C) and related neurodegenerative disorders.

Scott Marshall wrote a song called “With Every New Day” I BELIEVE that was inspired by Adams story. The song is available on iTunes and all the proceeds will go to the Race for Adam Foundation. The song was also nominated for an LVMA this year and we are asking everyone to go to and click on the fan ballot and vote for the song. Voting ends October 7th.


Dana Gaynor photo courtesy of

Dana Gaynor is a lead/slide guitarist and entertainer par excellence. Well known among the best musicians in both the New York and San Francisco Bay areas, her work is respected internationally. Dana is currently a Lehigh Valley resident and a full time member of the James Supra Blues Band. The band delivered nothing less than a stellar performance and Dana tore it up, as usual, with searing guitar that just gives you goose bumps.