20 Reasons Why Our Online Magazine is Better Than Our Print

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Advantages of Online Magazine for Advertisers

  • Our online magazine comes out monthly, rather than bi-monthly.
  • Your articles will be published free of charge.
  • You may post as many photos as you wish.
  • All articles’ photo, byline and first paragraph appear on the front page.
  • All articles can be clicked through to provide a full page of coverage for you.
  • Articles may be promoted several times weekly in 20 social media, if you choose for a nominal fee.
  • Articles are search engine optimized so that they can appear in searches conducted on your topic indefinitely.
  • Articles remain on the website ¬†indefinitely, print articles are usually thrown away after the first month.
  • Advertisers are 92% cheaper than the print publication. For example, cost of a full page article was formerly $1200, now it is free. All you pay for is the ad and promoting of the article on social media sites, cost is only $75 a month.
  • Readers of your article can then click to your website.
  • Readers have an opportunity to explore your business and services, as well as get to know you better.

Advantages of Online Magazine for Readers

  • No newspapers cluttering up your living space
  • Save articles of interest in your favorites
  • Email articles of interest to your friends
  • See more photos and fully research the business or topic
  • Click back to the author’s website
  • Interact with us online
  • Publish your own articles of interest in our blogs
  • Fresh content monthly
  • Email reminders available